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Introducing Solo Thoughts!

If you’re a church soloist, musician, or are on the music committee for your church, you might be wondering:

~Where can I find just the right solos that are correlated to the weekly Bible Lesson?
~Where can my church purchase sheet music?

Watchfire Music has the perfect solution:  We offer our highly researched monthly and quarterly publication, Solo Thoughts.

So what exactly IS Solo Thoughts? Created by Watchfire Music’s team of editors, it’s a downloadable resource tool in PDF format that is essentially a comprehensive list of ideas for solos -- matched to the weekly Bible Lessons -- for your church service. With just one click of the mouse, Solo Thoughts will appear on your computer as a pdf file.  It's true power lies in using the resource on line to click through directly to the purchase page of each solo that is referenced. You may, however, also print the resource as well.

Download a Free Sample of Solo Thoughts here and Explore the following:

~A List of the Latest Digital Sheet Music Offerings from Watchfire Music
~News and Notes from Solo Thoughts
~Latest Questions from Solo Thoughts Users
~Info On How To Use Solo Thoughts
~Info on How to Navigate Solo Thoughts via Bookmark Hyperlinks
~Two Pages of Actual Solo Thoughts Entries for Your Exploration

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Solo Thoughts FAQ

Good news! It can be found on the top Nav Bar! Just hover over the “Shop” drop-down menu on the top Nav Bar of

In the drop-down menu, you’ll see “Solo Thoughts” listed. Click and … Voila!

Category: Solo Thoughts

Click this link to go directly to the Solo Thoughts Page. Once you are on the Solo Thoughts page, please do the following:

  • Scroll down to the particular edition of Solo Thoughts you are interested in. We offer Solo Thoughts by the quarter and by each individual month.
  • To the right of the title, click “Add To Cart”
  • A pop-up window will appear confirming that the item was added to the cart.
  • If you are ready to purchase your Solo Thoughts, click “Check-Out”, or you want to purchase additional items, click “Return to Shopping”
  • Follow the directions to check out.
  • Once your credit card is processed, you will be presented with a link to download Solo Thoughts.
  • For more information on how to download, follow the directions for “How do I download an MP3 or PDF file to my computer?”
Category: Solo Thoughts

Historically, we have posted each new quarterly issue of Solo Thoughts exactly 6 weeks in advance of the new quarter. About a year and a half ago, we extended the post deadline to fall somewhere in the 5 to 6 week range in advance of the new quarter.

Due to what appears to be a later schedule of the release of the quarterly Bible Lesson Citations from the CSPS, we are now further shifting our posting deadline to fall within the range of 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the new quarter. We appreciate your patience, loyalty, and interest in this useful and helpful resource for musicians in Christian Science churches.

Category: Solo Thoughts

Whenever you order sheet music from WFM, you receive an automated Order Confirmation Email directly from our website. In that email is a Download Link.

Just click on the link provided in your email. Once you click on it, your file or files will download to your computer.

Category: Solo Thoughts

A [Solo Treasure] is an out-of-print song that is no longer available for purchase.

As a courtesy to you, we include out-of-print titles that you may already have in your church music library, and we match them to upcoming Bible Lessons. When you see the label [Solo Treasure] listed after a title, this indicates that the song is no longer in print circulation. Therefore, no link is provided to purchase the song.

Category: Solo Thoughts

This is a great question. The answer is that the Solo Thoughts editors work to bring you a creative and informed set of titles each quarter. Sometimes, the editors will repeat a title used from the last quarter, or again in the same issue, because that title seems to highlight more than one Bible Lesson in an important way.

Conversely, in order to highlight new music and new composers whenever possible, the editors may sacrifice listing titles that were recently used in a previous or current quarter of Solo Thoughts. On the whole, WFM and the Solo Thoughts editors feel that it is very important to bring new musical ideas for Bible Lessons and to introduce new titles wherever appropriate and possible.

Tip: Hang on to your Solo Thoughts from previous quarters in a given year and perhaps make notes on solos that you think would work well for future Bible Lessons.

Category: Solo Thoughts

We’ve found through experience that choral music titles can broaden and refresh a church soloist’s repertoire. The many choral titles that we list are very well suited to being performed by a soloist.

In most cases, the soloist usually needs to do some extra work to map out the melody, though it may move between staves at different points in the choral score. Through some planning with the accompanist, these choral songs-turned-solos can bring new life and music into the church service. To cite a couple of examples, Joseph Martin’s “Song of Unity” and his “Song of the Spirit” work beautifully as solo songs for the church service.

Category: Solo Thoughts

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