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Introducing Solo Thoughts!

If you’re a church soloist, musician, or are on the music committee for your church, you might be wondering:

~Where can I find just the right solos that are correlated to the weekly Bible Lesson?
~Where can my church purchase sheet music?

Watchfire Music has the perfect solution:  We offer our highly researched monthly and quarterly publication, Solo Thoughts.

So what exactly IS Solo Thoughts? Created by Watchfire Music’s team of editors, it’s a downloadable resource tool in PDF format that is essentially a comprehensive list of ideas for solos -- matched to the weekly Bible Lessons -- for your church service. With just one click of the mouse, Solo Thoughts will appear on your computer as a pdf file.  It's true power lies in using the resource on line to click through directly to the purchase page of each solo that is referenced. You may, however, also print the resource as well.

Download a Free Sample of Solo Thoughts here and Explore the following:

~A List of the Latest Digital Sheet Music Offerings from Watchfire Music
~News and Notes from Solo Thoughts
~Latest Questions from Solo Thoughts Users
~Info On How To Use Solo Thoughts
~Info on How to Navigate Solo Thoughts via Bookmark Hyperlinks
~Two to Three Pages of Actual Solo Thoughts Entries for Your Exploration

To View, Purchase and Download

Solo Thoughts by the Quarter and by the Month

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And ...
Check out the Solo Thoughts Errata page for information updates and corrections organized by quarter.

Solo Thoughts FAQ

You can now pay by either credit card or PayPal.  Once you send things to your cart from the product page, whether it be albums, singles, sheet music or Solo Thoughts, your purchases can be seen in your cart, added to, subtracted from, etc. at will.  Click on the little red cart icon in the header to see into your cart. You will even see your expenditures tabulated at the top right of many pages.  And if you want to see your previous purchasing history, click on Account Info in the same area.

Once you are finished shopping, go to your shopping cart.  There you will see a listing of the products you wish to purchase, the prices you pay, the total amount, and a red banner at the bottom that says, “Proceed To Checkout.”  Please make sure your order is correct and check the numbers of items you wish to purchase.  When you are satisfied with what’s in your cart, Proceed To Checkout.

The progress bar at the top of the Check Out page shows you how far along you are in the purchase process.  Fill in the necessary forms and then click, “Proceed to payment.”

Review your order one more time and click either Credit Card or Paypal and then the red Proceed to … button.  Log into PayPal and pay or fill out your Credit Card information and pay.

 And  what does this mean: “Downloads remaining 10 & expires May 2/18?”

 The “downloads remaining” number is the number of times you can download the solo from our website onto your computer. The expiration date is the point after which you will no longer be able to download the solo from our website.

We give you multiple download attempts within a 3-month period to insure that you are able to properly access your purchase. If you’re having issues with successfully downloading and have run out of download attempts, you can send us a support email. We’ll reset your downloads and help you with the issue preventing you from being able to download it. However, you must do this within the 3-month period. 

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