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Introducing Solo Thoughts!

If you’re a church soloist, musician, or are on the music committee for your church, you might be wondering:

~Where can I find just the right solos that are correlated to the weekly Bible Lesson?
~Where can my church purchase sheet music?

Watchfire Music has the perfect solution:  We offer our highly researched monthly and quarterly publication, Solo Thoughts.

So what exactly IS Solo Thoughts? Created by Watchfire Music’s team of editors, it’s a downloadable resource tool in PDF format that is essentially a comprehensive list of ideas for solos -- matched to the weekly Bible Lessons -- for your church service. With just one click of the mouse, Solo Thoughts will appear on your computer as a pdf file.  It's true power lies in using the resource on line to click through directly to the purchase page of each solo that is referenced. You may, however, also print the resource as well.

Download a Free Sample of Solo Thoughts here and Explore the following:

~A List of the Latest Digital Sheet Music Offerings from Watchfire Music
~News and Notes from Solo Thoughts
~Latest Questions from Solo Thoughts Users
~Info On How To Use Solo Thoughts
~Info on How to Navigate Solo Thoughts via Bookmark Hyperlinks
~Two to Three Pages of Actual Solo Thoughts Entries for Your Exploration

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Solo Thoughts FAQ

The Instrumental Recordings are presented in 3 categories:

(1) Calm and Prayerful

(2) Energies of Soul

(3) Joyful and Rousing

We understand that sometimes you may wish to open your service with a Joyful and Rousing piece of music. Another time, you may choose to use a Calm and Prayerful recording.  It’s your choice to program the instrumental music to fit your needs.

We present you with 2 options in each category for each week.  And what that means is that for 13 weeks, you will actually have 78 instrumental suggestions – 26 ideas for each category!  Many of them may be interchangeable according to your inspiration and taste.

You can also use these instrumental suggestions to program your Wednesday night Testimony meetings, or your Lecture events and more!




You will be presented with a range of genres, styles, and lyrical texts from week to week.

The Vocal Solos are presented in 4 categories:

(1) Solos by Overall Themes

(2) Solos by Bible Lesson Sections

(3) Solos with Hymn Texts

(4) Solos with Texts by Mary Baker Eddy.

Some weeks may include solos in all of these categories, and others will include one or several.

We are offering 3 to 6 solo suggestions for each of the 13 weeks, all beautifully selected to highlight, illustrate or extend the various themes in the Bible Lesson Sermons.

Solo Thought Select is our response to fulfill a need for churches and groups who wish to provide appropriate music in recorded form for their services. Sometimes folks use recordings as a backup plan when musicians are not available. Others are using recorded music regularly based on their given resources.

We see this as a marvelous opportunity to answer a need with a wonderful supply of truly special music from the best of our Watchfire Music artists and more!

Solo Thoughts Select gives you a link for every single vocal and instrumental recording. When you click an individual link, you will be able to click through to listen to a sample as well as immediately place the song into your shopping cart on

Then, you will be able to purchase and download your music selections. From there, you simply import into your iTunes library or alternative MP3 player, and run your music in church from your mobile device or laptop!

To visit our Solo Thoughts Select page, click here.

Solo Thoughts Select is our best response to a current need voiced to us from church music committees and individual members around the world over the past several years.

It’s a solution that we offer to the many requests we have received from folks whose churches have transitioned away from live music for various reasons.

To answer this need responsibly, we began to look at what we could do to offer a resource to help these churches keep a continuity of the musical elements of a church service as outlined in the Manual of The Mother Church.

Solo Thoughts Select is our answer to supply a current demand for sacred recorded music in some churches. We view this as purely supplemental to our primary and continuing activity of supplying church musicians with sheet music for their service.  And this activity is going strong as always!

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