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Jay and Tessa Frost: One Word


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Friday, June 22- 26, 2015

One Word

Performed by
Jay and Tessa Frost

Music and Lyrics
by Jay and Tessa Frost

“One Word” comes from the CD Soulshine — the beautiful 2012 debut album of newcomers Jay and Tessa Frost. The collection of 9 original solos, including “Peace Like a River” and “The Shepherd’s Song”, moves and delights with sweet simplicity, easy exuberance, and spiritual strength. Bringing together Jay’s soulful piano and Tessa’s crystalline voice, Soulshine promises to be the first of many “must haves” by this up-and-coming singer/songwriter duo.

Jay is forever on the lookout for a piano to play and Tessa has been singing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper.  The duo began performing together in 2009 as budding jazz musicians in Seattle, WA, and as church musicians in the area. With Jay’s energetically soulful piano and Tessa’s pure voice and profound lyricism, the singer/songwriter duo is an easy favorite. Their first album, Soulshine, is a moving collection of original solos growing right out of spiritual inspiration and Scripture.

“One word: Awe! Awesome! Awe-inspiring! And, yes, I am awestruck.
Thanks so much for your guys’ dedication and love that can be felt through your music.” – Jennifer Johnson, Kent, WA

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Bobby Stanton: Shepherd


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Margaret Dorn: The Perfect Man


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, June 15- 19, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] Be Still and Know: The Sacred Songs of Martin Broones is a lovely collection of sacred songs by Martin Broones.  Mr. Broones had a comprehensive background in the world of music, in theatre, in motion pictures, radio, and television. He wrote the […]

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Lew Doty: Day Becomes Me


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Nitya Thomas: O Dreamer


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, June 1 – 5, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] Nitya is classically trained singer, song-writer and composer from India, currently living in New York City. Nitya draws on her training in voice and theatre, as well as her singer / song-writer sensibility, in the hope of sharing and touching […]

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Alex Cook: Jump In The River


Inspirational Song of the Week Tuesday – Friday, May 26 – 29, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″]   “Alex’s music has encouraged me to pray – not by telling me to, but by showing me prayer’s own sweetness. The music shares hope, and the hope is never distant, but always delightfully near. This music speaks of guidance, […]

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Sara Renner: Fallen


Inspirational Song of the Week Tuesday – Saturday, May 19 – May 23, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “I love your “Elements of the Journey” CD. I have listened to it so much my daughter asked if that was the only CD I owned. It’s one of those things you never get tired of. You have […]

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They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships


Julia Wade: They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, May 11 – May 15, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “Soprano Julia Wade takes you on that inspirational journey with a voice so clear and pure there’s no room for doubt about her belief in the message and its […]

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You Can’t Stand Up Alone


Mindy Jostyn: You Can’t Stand Up Alone Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, May 4 – May 8, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “I’ve played the CD for my Sunday School class of teenagers. So many times, I have played a song or two for someone who needed healing. People love your music, no matter […]

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Peter Link: Sweet Purity


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, April 27 – May 1, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “The sheer range of style and excellency of every number demonstrated talents and skills placing Link among our foremost musical craftsmen. By evening’s end any spirit that hasn’t been uplifted should be checked for consciousness.” – Carolyn Rollin Albert, […]