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Cynth: “Wind Walker”


Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, March 27 – April 1, 2017

“Wind Walker” from Cynth’s Album, Flute Medicine

Cynth’s “Wind Walker” from the album Flute Medicine
Performed by Cynth
Cynth has traveled the many roads of music, first as a student of the classics, then a devotee of jazz and later the difficult maze of pop artist, to find her true home as a maker of flutes and composer of inspirational music.

Daughter of a jazzman and classically trained, (she studied with the 1st chair flute of the LA Philharmonic) Cynth signed her first recording contract with Warner Bros/Seven Arts at the age of 19, and released an album “The Holy Mackerel” with hall of fame singer/songwriter Paul Williams and award winning producer Richard Perry.

Cynth has been practicing meditation for over thirty years and began making her own bamboo flutes and exploring the powers of what she calls “organic music.” When a close friend was in a coma, Cynth came to the hospital to play her flute. To the amazement of Cynth and the ICU nurses, there was a dramatic improvement in heart rate on the bedside scopes. After this experience of the power of music, Cynth committed herself to bringing a new awareness and approach to healing through music and continues to be a pioneer, researcher, performer and recording artist.

Cynth’s “Wind Walker”
Cynth’s “Wind Walker” from the album Flute Medicine
“I have brought Cynth’s music to the bedside of Hospice patients and have witnessed its effect on them. Her remarkable work touches the emotions, cultivates a peaceful environment and brings a meaningful experience for patients and families in the midst of trying times.” – Lothar Delgado, Bereavement Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Hospice

“Enchantment straight from a healing heart. I played it at a birth recently and her sounds created an incredible atmosphere for Mom and baby!” – Christine Stevens, Health & Wellness Director, REMO INC.

“The way Flute Medicine is produced and played gives it a natural healing vibration. The thing I love about this disc is how the flutes are overdubbed, often to the accompaniment of Tibetan bowls and bells, blowing like a clear breeze through the cathedral of the mind. But it’s heart-centered music as well, especially on “Pyramid” and “Dream Lodge Dancer.” Seven- time Grammy winner Roger Nichols helped out on production and it shows — even on a simple flute solo. The album, especially on headphones, opens up into an adventure in reverberation and resonance — a true tonic for the heart and mind.” – Robert Phoenix, eMusic

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