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Rebecca Minor: “Spinnin’ My Wheels”

Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, August 21 – 27, 2017 “Spinnin’ My Wheels” from  “Chasing Light” Performed by Rebecca Minor Have you ever craved forward movement? Tried to break through a wall towards love and acceptance? Gotten hurt and built your own walls in reaction? Looked back at your life and realized you had lost your […]

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Julia Wade: “Out of the Depths”


Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, July 10 – 16, 2017 “Out of the Depths” from “Deep Waters” Performed by Julia Wade Produced and Composed by Peter Link Julia Wade is one of those rare and gifted crossover vocalists who can handle both worlds (classical and pop) with great style and grace. On top of it all, she […]

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Lily Oyer: From Where Love Stands


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, August 17 – August 21, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “Thanks for such an uplifting song. It’s a holy day and night. Many thanks for your pure rendition, Lily.” — Robin, Australia. “One of my favorites but definitely the best rendition I’ve heard! Grateful thanks.” – Dawn, South Africa […]

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Osceola Davis: He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, July 6 – July 10, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] “Osceola Davis’ unusual recital …was devoted entirely to the repertory for high coloratura soprano. Her calling card, Reinhold Gliere’s concerto for wordless vocalization, offered a quick resume of her qualifications in florid music, to wit: staccati quite firm and accurate; […]

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Jay and Tessa Frost: One Word


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Friday, June 22- 26, 2015

One Word

Performed by
Jay and Tessa Frost

Music and Lyrics
by Jay and Tessa Frost

“One Word” comes from the CD Soulshine — the beautiful 2012 debut album of newcomers Jay and Tessa Frost. The collection of 9 original solos, including “Peace Like a River” and “The Shepherd’s Song”, moves and delights with sweet simplicity, easy exuberance, and spiritual strength. Bringing together Jay’s soulful piano and Tessa’s crystalline voice, Soulshine promises to be the first of many “must haves” by this up-and-coming singer/songwriter duo.

Jay is forever on the lookout for a piano to play and Tessa has been singing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper.  The duo began performing together in 2009 as budding jazz musicians in Seattle, WA, and as church musicians in the area. With Jay’s energetically soulful piano and Tessa’s pure voice and profound lyricism, the singer/songwriter duo is an easy favorite. Their first album, Soulshine, is a moving collection of original solos growing right out of spiritual inspiration and Scripture.

“One word: Awe! Awesome! Awe-inspiring! And, yes, I am awestruck.
Thanks so much for your guys’ dedication and love that can be felt through your music.” – Jennifer Johnson, Kent, WA

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Margaret Dorn: The Perfect Man


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Friday, June 15- 19, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] Be Still and Know: The Sacred Songs of Martin Broones is a lovely collection of sacred songs by Martin Broones.  Mr. Broones had a comprehensive background in the world of music, in theatre, in motion pictures, radio, and television. He wrote the […]