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Deborah Offenhauser: “Shepherd (Show Me How to Go)”

Deborah Offenhauser

Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Monday, September 18 – September 24, 2017 “Shepherd (Show Me How to Go)” from Deborah Offenhauser’s Child of God Music and Orchestration by Deborah Offenhauser Vocal Artistry by Isola Jones With three major TV shows having used Deborah’s music, she is wearing her “composer hat” a lot these days. But Deb’s first […]

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Bobby Stanton: Shepherd


Inspirational Song of the Weekend Saturday — Sunday, June 20 – 21, 2015 [row] [col type=”6″] [col type=”6″] “Bobby Stanton’s ‘Shepherd’ makes us lie down in green pastures, leads us to the still waters with his whispering guitar. Mr. Link uses the orchestra like a box of crayons. He knows his colors and chooses them […]