Works In Progress – The Third Coming

The Third Coming

A Musical

(Working Title)

Music by Peter Link

Book and Lyrics by
Peter Link and Ragan Courtney

God takes a look at today’s world

and really does not like what he sees.

So, He decides to send his ol’ trusty Angel, Gabriel, on a mission.

One of His favorite Humans is a young woman, named Thyme (15-20), an Oklahoma Plains waif from Skedee, Oklahoma – pop. 139,

who lives with her Ma and works as a checkout girl at Abigail’s Grocerette in town.

She’s just a simple girl, really, with a big heart and the sweetest of temperaments.



She’s betrothed to Josiah Washburn, in his own words, a “Bi-vocational Fundamentalist minister/carpenter man.”

She likes to say, “I love Josiah Washburn very much.  I know I’ll be marrying a good man (after all, he is a minister).

My best friend Lizzy says beware. But I don’t even know what I’m to beware of.  Like I said, he is a minister.

What could possibly go wrong?”



She’s a virgin and savin’ it for Josiah.

One day, she is visited by the Angel Gabriel who tells her that she is now pregnant with a new Christ Child.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for the next two hours we’re gonna find out.


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