What is the Purpose of Solo Thoughts SELECT?

Solo Thoughts Select is our best response to a current need voiced to us from church music committees and individual members around the world over the past several years. It’s a solution that we offer to the many requests we have received from folks whose churches have transitioned away from live music for various reasons. […]

How are the Instrumental Recordings Categorized?

The Instrumental Recordings are presented in 3 categories: (1) Calm and Prayerful (2) Energies of Soul (3) Joyful and Rousing We understand that sometimes you may wish to open your service with a Joyful and Rousing piece of music. Another time, you may choose to use a Calm and Prayerful recording.  It’s your choice to […]

How are the Vocal Recordings Categorized?

You will be presented with a range of genres, styles, and lyrical texts from week to week. The Vocal Solos are presented in 4 categories: (1) Solos by Overall Themes (2) Solos by Bible Lesson Sections (3) Solos with Hymn Texts (4) Solos with Texts by Mary Baker Eddy. Some weeks may include solos in […]

What is Solo Thoughts Select?

Solo Thought Select is our response to fulfill a need for churches and groups who wish to provide appropriate music in recorded form for their services. Sometimes folks use recordings as a backup plan when musicians are not available. Others are using recorded music regularly based on their given resources. We see this as a […]

Is there a quick way to search for titles on watchfiremusic.com using Google?

The answer is YES! Here’s what to do: Go to Google on your browser. Type the name of the title or a portion of the title into the search bar followed by “site:watchfiremusic.com” (without the quotes). Click enter! Voila, you will receive search results for those keywords that are on watchfiremusic.com. To see an example, […]

What Are Study Tools?

For more than a decade now, Watchfire Music has been working with Composers and Publishers to offer a range of Study Tools for each Digital Sheet Music (DSM) title on watchfiremusic.com. We now offer these Study Tools for 90% of our DSM titles. Why provide these? Sheet Music isn’t always enough! To aid you in […]

What is a Study Track?

A Study Track is a single mp3 recording of a Digital Sheet Music title.  It  is a recording of the instrumental accompaniment (usually keyboard, piano or organ) and it also employs a different instrument (rhodes piano, flute, clarinet, etc.) to play the vocal line. Samples are provided for every single mp3 song offered on watchfiremusic.com, […]

Why is there a limit to the number of downloads on my purchase?

 And  what does this mean: “Downloads remaining 10 & expires May 2/18?”  The “downloads remaining” number is the number of times you can download the solo from our website onto your computer. The expiration date is the point after which you will no longer be able to download the solo from our website. We give […]

How do I find answers to my questions about Watchfire Music’s website?

The first way is to check out the FAQ section of the website. We continue to post new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about many aspects of our site, including site search, navigation, purchasing and downloading sheet music and more. You will find the FAQ link listed in the top right of every page on our […]