What is a Profile?

A Profile is an in depth look at an Artist or Composer — their Products, their Bio, their Quotes, and anything else about them that can help you get to know them. Think of a Profile as the portal to the work of any given Artist or Composer.

What is a [Solo Treasure] and where do I get the music?

A [Solo Treasure] is an out-of-print song that is no longer available for purchase. As a courtesy to you, we include out-of-print titles that you may already have in your church music library, and we match them to upcoming Bible Lessons. When you see the label [Solo Treasure] listed after a title, this indicates that […]

How do I work the Search and Filter?

In the left column of your product pages you will find 3 categories to check followed by 6 fields to Filter.  Filtering is simply a process of what you choose to include in your search and conversely what you choose NOT to include. If you’re looking for sheet music, for instance, check the Digital Sheet […]

How do I pay for the products I purchase?

You can now pay by either credit card or PayPal.  Once you send things to your cart from the product page, whether it be albums, singles, sheet music or Solo Thoughts, your purchases can be seen in your cart, added to, subtracted from, etc. at will.  Click on the little red cart icon in the […]

How do I find a song in Sheet Music that I’m looking for?

If you know the name of the Composer, first go to the Nav Bar and click on Digital Sheet Music in window.  That will take you to the Digital Sheet Music page where you will see all of the Digital Sheet Music that we represent.  In the left column you will see that Digital Sheet […]