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When is it necessary to license music from Watchfire Music?

Requirements to license music depends on the situation in which you are using the music. Read all of the below information to determine whether you need to license a particular song:

  • If one broadcasts the music via films, television, radio, internet radio, webcast, etc., then permission and licensing fees are required.
  • Churches do not need to pay licensing fees for music sung or played in their services. In fact, you do not even have to ask permission, though we appreciate you taking the time to do so. Since a church is a donation situation, you are not required to pay any fees because you are not making money off the playing of a song. We only ask that you give Proper Credit* where credits are given.
    • *Proper Credit includes the artist’s name or name of performing group, the album title from which the song came, the writers of the song (both composer and lyricist), the producer of the song and
    • Credit must be given within a practical readable duration so that those who are viewing it have ample time to read it and note it if necessary. In all cases whenever possible, there should be a link to
    • Also the line, “[Song Title] has been used with permission from Watchfire Music.”
  • If the song is recorded and it’s the first recording made then permission has to be obtained from composer and publisher; however, if the song has been previously recorded by anyone, then it is listed with a mechanical royalty company (most likely Harry Fox). In this case, mechanical royalty fees must be paid by the record company.
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