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How do I find a song in Sheet Music that I’m looking for?

If you know the name of the Composer, first go to the Nav Bar and click on Digital Sheet Music in window.  That will take you to the Digital Sheet Music page where you will see all of the Digital Sheet Music that we represent.  In the left column you will see that Digital Sheet Music is checked (Orange).  It it isn’t, check it. Then got to the Composers pull down window (below) and click on it.  (Remember, Composers generate Sheet music, Artists generate Recorded music.) Here you can either begin to type in the Composer’s name or scroll down (alphabetical by first name) to the Composer’s name.  That will bring up all his/her product to choose from.

If you click on the title of the Digital Sheet Music that interests you on this page, it will take you to the individual Song page where you can read the Lyrics, hear sample, choose a key, etc. and eventually begin the easy process to purchase the product.  You can also click on the Orange SELECT OPTIONS to get to the song page.  If you see: ADD TO CART that means that there are no options, there is only one version of that song, one key.  you can still click the title and learn more, however,

Crucial Point: the little man in there who is running around fetching your desires is very busy.  Be patient with him. He has a huge warehouse to search.  When you see the black LOADING… sign come up, wait and do nothing until it goes away.  Then you’ll have a happy experience with the little man.  Remember: Let It Load.

If you want to keep shopping or look further, always Clear Filters (bottom left column in orange, first.

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