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How are the Instrumental Recordings Categorized?

The Instrumental Recordings are presented in 3 categories:

(1) Calm and Prayerful

(2) Energies of Soul

(3) Joyful and Rousing

We understand that sometimes you may wish to open your service with a Joyful and Rousing piece of music. Another time, you may choose to use a Calm and Prayerful recording.  It’s your choice to program the instrumental music to fit your needs.

We present you with 2 options in each category for each week.  And what that means is that for 13 weeks, you will actually have 78 instrumental suggestions – 26 ideas for each category!  Many of them may be interchangeable according to your inspiration and taste.

You can also use these instrumental suggestions to program your Wednesday night Testimony meetings, or your Lecture events and more!




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