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How do I use the Search Filters in the product Sidebar?

The Search Filter will only search for Products. Think of the Search Filter in 2 parts.  Part #1 is the first 3 categories:


Digital Sheet Music


Part #2 is the group of 6 Filter windows and pulldowns listed below the 3 categories.

Search Field for Product Titles / Artists / Composers / Lyricists / Etc.

When searching for a particular product, first check it’s relative category.  Then Filter by one of the 5 Filter windows by clicking the window of choice and then either typing in the name or scrolling down to find the name.  If you begin typing the name, usually the computer will take you to that name or item before you finish typing — if it exists.

Important: Always CLEAR FILTERS (Orange Button at Bottom) before you begin a new search.

Also: Remember that Composers generate Sheet Music and Artists generate Albums/CDs.  Both Composers and Artists can generate Songs/Mp3s.

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