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What is a Study Track?

A Study Track is a single mp3 recording of a Digital Sheet Music title.  It  is a recording of the instrumental accompaniment (usually keyboard, piano or organ) and it also employs a different instrument (rhodes piano, flute, clarinet, etc.) to play the vocal line.

Samples are provided for every single mp3 song offered on, so you can listen to a portion of the Study Track right on our website to help you determine if you wish to purchase and download it for further use and study.

The vast majority of Watchfire Music Composers and Publishers provide Study Tracks to aid customers in learning their songs accurately and efficiently. By providing these learning tools, the customer can use these Study Tracks to assist their learning process, and to learn the music as the composer conceived it.

Study Tracks are a great way to enhance your preparation of a song with precision from the very start of your learning process.

Contemporary and pop music often require this extra step to help instrumentalists and singers alike to get the sound and rhythms — especially syncopations —  as written by the composer.

For the very small price of a single mp3 song, (starting only at .99) you gain an excellent study tool to focus your preparation with precision and efficiency!

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