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What is Solo Thoughts Select?

Solo Thought Select is our response to fulfill a need for churches and groups who wish to provide appropriate music in recorded form for their services. Sometimes folks use recordings as a backup plan when musicians are not available. Others are using recorded music regularly based on their given resources.

We see this as a marvelous opportunity to answer a need with a wonderful supply of truly special music from the best of our Watchfire Music artists and more!

Solo Thoughts Select gives you a link for every single vocal and instrumental recording. When you click an individual link, you will be able to click through to listen to a sample as well as immediately place the song into your shopping cart on

Then, you will be able to purchase and download your music selections. From there, you simply import into your iTunes library or alternative MP3 player, and run your music in church from your mobile device or laptop!

To visit our Solo Thoughts Select page, click here.

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