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What’s the best way to learn your site?

We suggest the following:  First start with the Nav Bar (Navigation Bar).  That’s the bar across the top of any page that says things like Home, About, Shop, Services, etc.  Click on the various subjects and explore what comes up.  Often a window will appear below the Subject which gives you further specifics of the main Subject.  Click on each and go the the relative page and explore.  Run down the the Nav Bar from left to right and check out all the delights of WFM (Watchfire Music).  Especially, check out “Shop Info” on the Nav Bar and discover powerful new ways to search and find Inspirational Music! Spend an hour or even a couple of half hours exploring and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.  It’s a little like wandering through a new department store except that you can do it from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

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