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My Turn – Craig Ghislin

Liner Notes

About My Turn

Our longings and fears shape our lives in ways we can’t always foresee. Whatever your path, with its unique bumps and bruises, this music is a surprising friend for your journey.

 “Music has lifted me up and continues to do so. It’s not apart from prayer; music is prayer.”

Craig Ghislin

Devoting himself to spiritual pursuits, and playing various venues throughout the years, Craig performed several original songs for large regional church conferences over the years. Many listeners requested a recording after finding the lyrics and music “the most inspiring” they’d ever heard.  Now you can take this music with you and share it with others.

About Craig Ghislin

Craig has loved music since boyhood, mimicking Elvis and the Beatles on his badminton racket. At the age of 10 his first public performance on a real guitar was the German folk tune Home, Home Can I Forget Thee? His early teen years were spent playing Glen Campbell and Paul McCartney. 

A live John Denver concert in the 1970s gave him a new hero, and he began writing his own songs. Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens were strong influences as he performed in concerts, weddings, senior homes, and other special events. The progressive rock scene reshaped Craig’s music with David Bowie, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Talking Heads and King Crimson. After a time in a rock band led by Grammy winner Jeff Johnson, he and his wife welcomed a daughter, and the guitars slept in their cases until the early 2000’s. 

In 2002 Craig suffered a severe respiratory illness. He experienced a recovery through prayer alone, and his ability to sing returned. At his wife’s urging, he picked up writing the folk rock of earlier days performing music at local festivals, church services, and events, and regional conferences. Among fan favorites are compositions for CedarS Camps’ promotional videos, and for his daughter’s wedding. While retaining his folk-rock roots, Craig incorporates layered guitars and textures that refresh our ears with every listening.

Craig Ghislin performs at a Church Alive Concert


“Many thanks to my mentor and guide Peter Link, Julia Wade, Mary Carol Ghislin, Evan Ghislin, Erin, John, Fiona and Austin Lane, my CedarS family and campers, my church family, and all those friends encouraging me along the way.”

With Thanks, Craig

Album Credits

All songs by Craig L. Ghislin 
Production Assistance: Peter Link
Recording Engineer: Craig Ghislin
Mastering: Phillip Klum Mastering, NYC
Orchestration Assistance: Evan Ghislin
Graphic Design: Skye Malone
Cover photo: John Lane

Portions of My Daughter’s Hand —Dr. Caw Studios, Craig Williams Engineer 
Sugar Drive—Violin: Evan Ghislin 
My Daughter’s Hand—Mandolin and Nylon guitar: John Rice 
Where You Belong—Electric Piano, percussion: Peter Link

Song Credits

My Turn (3:19)
Sugar Drive (3:48)
Back To The River (3:45)
My Daughter’s Hand (3:55)
Only Time Will Tell (3:15)
That Distant Horizon (4:47)
I Will Love You Forever (3:23)
I Am With Thee (4:28)
Where You Belong (3:07)

All Songs Music and Lyrics by Craig Ghislin