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Watchfire New Media

We build your imagination!

Watchfire New Media offers a variety of digital marketing services for non-profits, individual entrepreneurs, and creatives. We develop, design and build websites. We build and launch your digital presence via online marketing and social media.  We create content and provide ongoing maintenance for your various platforms — your digital presence online.

We build Websites

We build and design WordPress and Squarespace websites customized to meet your needs. With over 40 websites in our portfolio, we have become a trusted source to build your site using modern technology and creative graphic design to communicate your services and brand online.  

We offer Site Maintenance

We maintain your website to keep it healthy and active. Whether or not we build your website, a site needs to be constantly upgraded to remain vital to your constituents. For some, this is a challenge. It’s a known fact that if people come back to your site after a first visit and it remains the same as the first visit, they will not come back again. We make sure that things stay vital, that the site works and stays current with your organizations’ doings. We also fix things when they break and we’re there for you in time of need.

We create Graphic Design

We bring graphic and web design to creative, multimedia projects! Our graphic design team has a rich history of flyers, newsletters, CD packaging, Digi-Book development, branding, posters and whatever else you might need in both compelling graphics and internet savvy copy. The world of marketing and promotion through the internet has changed dramatically in the last decade in it’s methods of communication. If you want to revolutionize your communication, give us a try.

We launch Social Media 

We offer social media launch, engagement, advertisement and management. Social Media is the most powerful tool at our fingertips today for promoting whatever it is we need to communicate. It provides a way to communicate effectively with your niche community. However, if you’re going to do it right, in order to maximize the internet tools at your disposal, it’s pretty much a full time job. Here’s where our knowledgeable staff can help.

It’s a Fact…

A new website without Social Media promotion is like a new movie without any marketing – it just isn’t going to be successful. Of the over one billion websites now in existence, more than 750,000,000 of them are considered to be “dead” websites. No one visits them. If you’re going to create a presence on the web, make sure you include in your budget a Social Media package that lets people know you exist. We can help you launch your social media presence around your new or current website, help you find your niche audience and bring them to your doorstep!

Let us help build your Imagination today!
For more information, contact us here.

View our Portfolio of Selected Websites

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