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About Watchfire Music

“I have seen Him in the watch fires
Of a hundred circling camps”

From Julia Ward Howe’s gorgeous lyric for the “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” we were inspired and realized that a watch fire is a way of lighting up the outer perimeters of one’s space to insure protection from opposing forces. We wanted to be able to fill people’s experience with that light and we wanted to do it through music. And so our name, Watchfire Music, was born.

We have been in business since 2006.  For the first 5 years of WFM, we grew our roster of artists from several to over a hundred.  We built a robust site that could handle all of their material and were fast on our way.  During that time, the music business began to crash, and crash it did.  Music was becoming free to generations of people.  We knew that we had to stay nimble and be open to change. 

After our original partners peacefully went on their way to a new business venture, we — Peter Link and Julia Wade — became co-owners and equal partners in this entrepreneurial and creative adventure called Watchfire Music. We remain firmly and passionately planted in the music industry. 

Julia became President of WFM as well as Director of Digital Sheet Music.  Peter took on a second position of CEO adding to his previous position of Creative Director. Julia’s experience and inspiration regarding the selling of Digital Sheet Music kept us alive during the worst crash the music business had ever experienced. Peter’s  business acumen and creativity have kept the company progressing at every twist and turn.  Together, this team continued to move forward nimbly with the development of the internet and technology. We are a virtual company working with a staff of like-minded people around the world. This keeps our overhead at a minimum in order to keep our prices down for you.  

Link Recording Studios is our state-of-the-art work space that has enabled us to turn out professional products including many of the albums represented on WFM.  We also create new musicals and license them to producing organizations, and we produce webcasts, special events and live music concerts. With our passion for this business driving us, we expanded the range of our creative services to include Watchfire New Media, using our creative skills to build websites for individuals and organizations, manage social media, and promote clients and their businesses online.  

Together, we are the product of a Renaissance time — a time when artists have to be able to do more than their art.  We create, we manufacture, we promote, we sell, we ship, and we are the customer service. We do all this to bring a little more light to the world around us.  We are Watchfire Music.


Peter Link
CEO & Creative Director

Julia Wade
President & Sheet Music Director

Nathan Burgdorff
Website Manager

Renee Gannon
Digital Media & Graphics Design

Marie McRae
Digital Media Marketing

Emily Udy
Social Media Management

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