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Artists never stop studying, never stop growing, never stop exploring. That’s why we created Watchfire Music University. Join a Personal, Private, Online Music Master Classes Covering a Variety of Subjects with Master Teacher, Peter Link. Find out More!

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Tuition Grants for WMU are Now Available Through the Albert Baker Fund!  Tuitions can now be supplemented through a grant provided by The Albert Baker Fund under ABF Pilot Music Vocational Training Program. If you qualify, the grant could pay half your tuition for a year! Find out More!

Solo Thoughts for 2nd Quarter 2020

Plan your solos now for April, May and June with a beautiful list of Easter Solos included!

Click here to purchase and download Solo Thoughts by the quarter or by the month.

Solo Thoughts is for the modern church musician who needs to provide a beautiful sacred solo for your worship services!  Choose from 12 to 24 solos per week -- matched to the Weekly Bible Lessons for Christian Science church services!


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