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Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

She lives in my heart always
She lies in the long grass
She weeps and my world crumbles
But when she smiles
Then the sun dances with the moon

She’s warm on a cold morning
There lying beside me
I wake from my old slumber
And cherish this wrinkle in time
That’s over too soon

She is soooooooo sweet
She is soooooooo smooth indeed
Soooooooo tuned
To the birds in our window
She is all girl
All a whirl
And she’s all I’ve ever wanted
Never knowing what I wanted
Till she smiled at me

She laughs and the sky tumbles
She lights up my world
But when she leaves I am lost and humbled
Biding my time
Counting the days
Watching the clock
Checking the phone
Wishing the hours away
Till she comes home again
Till she comes home again


I wake on this cold morning
And cling to that mem’ry
Of that girl in the grass
And her smile and her laughs
And the sun dancing with the moon