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Words Marceil DeLacy

Music Andrew D. Brewis

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
Heaven is their kingdom here.
Comforted are those who sorrow,
Laughter dries the mourner’s tear.

Blessed are the meek, the lowly,
All the earth is at their feet.
They inherit treasures holy;
God has made their life complete.

Blessed are the hungry, thirsty,
Looking Godward to be fed.
They are filled with living water,
Righteousness their daily bread.

Kindness giving, love receiving,
Blessed are the merciful.
Those with hearts made pure from evil
See their God as All-in-all.

Blessed are the earth’s peacemakers,
Children of the Father, Mind.
Uncomplaining and forgiving,
They reach out to help mankind.

Persecution, evil speaking,
Aims at them but injures none.
Ever glad, in love rejoicing,
Blessed is each faithful one.

Marceil Delacy Copyright 2011