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Cause and Creation

Cause and Creation
Text and music by April Brahinsky
(includes Job 37:14)

One Cause – Mind: shown forth in intelligence.
One Cause – Spirit: revealed in delight.
One Cause – Life: expressed in activity.
One Cause – Truth: seen in all that is right.

Creation is Soul rejoicing in its own kaleidoscopic beauty.
Creation is Mind reflecting the brilliance of reality.
Creation is Life beholding its own sparkling purity.
Creation is Love enfolding all in warmth and immortality.

Consider the wondrous works of God:
Complete ideas unfolding,
Embraced by Love’s upholding.

Consider the glorious performance of Soul:
Exquisite in its splendor,
Incomparably tender.

Consider the joyous laws of Principle
Maintaining all creation in harmony and peace.
Consider the healing power of Spirit
Blessing all with the graciousness, the holiness, the eternality,
Of Love that will never cease.

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