Ann Stephan

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Ann Stephan is a California-based vocalist and composer. Her musical roots are founded in the classical tradition but are inspired by both pop and indie rock.  Ms. Stephan’s music is a breath of fresh air in the church soloist’s sacred music repertoire.  Each of her solos were inspired by specific Bible stories and passages.


Singer, songwriter and pianist Ann Stephan has performed all over the world, performing music ranging from classical to country. Her solo voice has been featured in film and TV soundtracks, and she has written original music for many theatre productions. Stephan has been a Soloist in Christian Science churches for more than ten years, and works as a musician full time, both teaching and performing. Her background and interest in theatre adds an exciting dramatic element to her solos, bringing to life Bible texts and beloved poems of Mary baker Eddy. Her musical versatility and ability to easily span varying styles gives her songs richness and depth.


Katy's song writing and singing are inspiring, uplifting and healing. One Sunday I thought for sure she lifted the roof up a few inches! - First Reader, branch church, Oakland, CA

Her music brings an appealing, easy blend of contemporary musical styles which always fits the flow of the words and encourages us to find "new dimensions of sound" and meaning---moving us "to a more profound alleluia (affirmation)."  Every church musician would, I think, be grateful for her easy-to-learn and joy-to-perform settings. - John Bullock, organist, Oakland, CA

I have been in awe of the inspiring compositions by Katy Stephan.  They are a joy to hear! - member, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Oakland, CA

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