Deborah Offenhauser

Artist    Composer    Lyricist    Publisher

Deborah’s musical career has benefited from three hit TV shows playing her music over the years: “Desperate Housewives”, “Madam Secretary” and “The Big Bang Theory”. That along, with “The Weather Channel” and radio airplay, has kept her grateful for many blessings.

As a composer, Deb picks up on those “melody angels” that sit on one’s shoulder and whisper incessantly some little gem. Persistent as they are, the only way to dismiss them is to put pen to paper and write down the new musical adventure!

As an artist, she enjoys interpreting other composer’s works, seeing how to craft a new translation that marries the printed page with a contemporary rendition.

“The discourse between artist and listener has always amazed me”, says Deborah. “To be able to record joy and energy and passion is wonderful. But to have a listener pick up on that and be affected by it, even years later, gives me particular pleasure.”

To her many fans, Deborah writes: “I hope you feel the same energy and peace when you hear my music, as when I composed and recorded it. Stay tuned! Much more to come!”


If you’ve been to a national touring Broadway Show, you might have heard Deborah playing the keys for shows such as “Mama Mia”, “The Producers”, “Hairspray” or “The Full Monty”. Or, if you saw The Irish Tenors or The Moody Blues in concert, you might have seen Deborah performing with them in front of crowds of 12,000 people. Or, perhaps you caught her on stage with other well-known artists such as Michael “The Phantom” Crawford, and Michael Feinstein (along with the Phoenix Symphony).

For fun, Deborah has tickled the ivories with groups and artists such as The Platters, The Diamonds, Miss Patti Page and The Mills Brothers. Also, Deborah has enjoyed teaching at the high school and college levels, as well as inspiring the little ones to begin their own musical journey.

Deborah’s sensational talent is showcased on her solo piano CD’s, which range from soulful and inspirational to peppy and finger-snapping. Her original compositions feel right at home with the well-loved standards that Deborah has included on her recordings. And, Deborah’s Piano Concert-Show, “Let’s Go to the Movies,” continues to delight every audience that has experienced it.

Her notable audience guests have included past Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Senators, Governors and even Dame Margaret Thatcher.

Deborah’s music has been heard on radio stations around the world, including 14 European countries and America. Her music has been published and recorded by various companies and distributed nationally through Borders Books, Barnes & Noble and Christian bookstores and gift shops.


Deborah's work is amazing. Her music is up-beat and she is always able to energize her audience with her amazing stage presence.

Rami M. Kalla, Film & TV Producer

Millions of my listeners enjoy your music.

Co.Di Promotion/Poland

Lots of originality in every cut.

WKIN AM/Gray, Tennessee

She's a superb piano player ? refreshing

Rodvre Kanalen/Denmark

Great Performance

WBYW FM/Grand Rapids, MI

Superb! I love it

Radio Equinoxe/Belgium

Refreshing new style! All good.

Radio 49/Denmark



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