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Dinah Satterwhite

Dinah Satterwhite image

Artist • Composer • Lyricist • Publisher

Artist • Composer • Lyricist • Publisher

Writing lyrics and composing music comes from a life-long love for piano. Dinah began teaching at a fairly young age and still teaches today. At age 12 she was the pianist for her Sunday School, and she has enjoyed playing for regional churches and Sunday Schools ever since. She also loves to accompany soloists and school/community groups, and play piano for local choirs and musicals.

With a background in marketing, high tech, and event planning, Dinah settled in the Pacific Northwest in 1997. Now, she focuses more on her personal creative endeavors: composing, teaching piano, photography, writing screenplays, plus tennis and gardening. 

Her diverse skills made a seamless transition to songwriting. Dinah is a member of the Christian Science Church, and has a special love for songs that inspire thought and stimulate growth. “I like to work with upbeat themes and relatable lyrics that leave you with a smile! It’s fun to work with minor keys that create a beautiful haunting melody, then maybe resolve to a major key.”

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Audience and Press Reviews

  • I love playing Dinah’s compositions. Her music and words are elegant and healing – such a beautiful, clear expression of the love that impels her creativity.

    — Sylvia Lofall Castleman, Poulsbo, WA

  • Dinah's music is a breath of fresh air for my collection of solos! Her solos feature sweet melodies and creative variety in the accompaniment, where the healing messages shine through above all else. I'm grateful to have these new pieces to share with my congregation!

    — Jessica Henderson, Bainbridge Island, WA

  • I have known Dinah for over 20 years. And her spirit and enthusiasm are genuine – which of course shows in her songs. They leave me with a sense of joy, and often cause me to see things through a new perspective. I love her creative streak and thoughtful lyrics put to beautiful music. I recall fondly the first time I heard one of her songs in church on a Sunday morning. So many of the words struck a chord with me and resonated in the most delightful way. It really made me happy and celebrated the grace of a well-constructed song that joins inspiring lyrics with a unique and gratifying melody. I can’t wait for more people to discover her music.”

    — Kathy Odell, Sun Lakes, AZ