Greg Granoff

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Greg Granoff is a skilled accompanist, composer and piano technician who writes expressive musical settings that put the joining of passion and sophisticated craftsmanship at the service of spiritual uplift. His compositions place the accompaniment as an equal partner in finding and evoking the poetic essence of the text.



Greg Granoff’s sophisticated style of composition reflects a passion for the joining of poetry and craft that Greg brings to all of his artistic and professional endeavors. Devoted to the art of “text painting” — the joining of text with music that expresses and amplifies the text’s poetic essence rather than simply accompanying it, Greg draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of influences that begins with the Renaissance, and continues through to the current “New Age” sounds.

Greg began piano study at an early age in an atmosphere of frequent exposure to a wide variety of musical genres and styles. Already a proficient accompanist as a teen, he was employed as musical director and solo keyboard “orchestra” for a series of Broadway musical productions at a popular local dinner theater in Carmel, CA. After studies in organ and piano at the University of the Pacific, he entered piano technology, ultimately making it his profession. Employed since 1989 as a full-time university staff piano technician, Greg’s refined skills as a pianist, organist and harpsichordist are often in demand. Greg makes his home in Redwood country on the north coast of California with his wife and two cats.


"These settings by Greg Granoff are modern melodies with rich textures that compliment the words but do not overpower the message. They are truly exciting listening." First Reader, Eureka, CA

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