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Janina Sebesky

Janina Sebesky image

Artist • Recording Artist

Artist • Recording Artist

GRAMMY nominated artist and producer Janina Serden Sebesky has performed as a solo singer and pianist and as a featured vocalist with symphony orchestra. She was music director for the Emmy nominated children’s television series “Allegra’s Window” on Nickelodeon and has sung on many radio and television commercials such as G.E., Kraft, Pepsi, and DHL.

As a child, Janina loved to sing and play the piano. Her interest in preventative medicine and self-exploration began at age 17 and continued with her studies in psychology and homeopathy. But Janina believes being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend has taught her the most. Through these meaningful connections with others, she has loved and been loved and is happy to express her deep appreciation for it all. Her CD of original songs about love, hope and transformation called “Small Inspirations” is a tribute to the ongoing journey of motherhood as well as the inspiration for a one-act play “Small Inspirations and Great Love”. She also co-wrote “Chick Soup: A Musical Recipe For Friendship” about how women support each other.

“Small Inspirations” are featured in a new greeting card line at Janina’s narration and vocals can be heard on the CD “The Velveteen Rabbit: Love can Make You Real” 2008 GRAMMY nominee Best Musical Album For Children.

Audience and Press Reviews

  • Small Inspirations puts its arms around you and comforts you!

    — Gloria Nissenson, Lyricist, New York, NY

  • The songs are familiar and knowing. They don't take me back to a place in time, but rather address where I am right now in my life, and still manage to fill my senses. I love this CD!

    — Debbie Luican, Publisher, The Jodere Group, San Diego, CA

  • The music is gently rhythmic and the words are motivational. Janina's delivery is narrative yet so sweet and very sincere. Small Inspirations is great therapy!

    — Dr. David S. Bennett, Jungian analyst, Methodist minister, Asheville, NC

  • Janina is another fairy godmother, for sure.

    — Alice O. Howell, Author, Jungian scholar, Astrologer, Monterey, MA

  • Small Inspirations is a gift of insight, wisdom, light, and love.

    — Amber Rose Kaplan, San Francisco, CA

  • Some songs really touch our hearts and souls and those kinds of tunes stay with us forever- "ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN" is that kind of tune!

    — Justin Wilde, Publisher Christmas and Holiday Music, Lake Forest, CA

  • Janina calls us to be the best we can be with music that lifts the soul. Soothing, inspirational, moving! Janina sings to the mother and the woman in each of us.

    — Bernadette Koenig, Mendham, NJ

  • Your words made me feel special to be a mom. They really touched me deeply. This CD motivates me, inspires me and just plain makes me feel good. Thank you!

    — Melanie Oseland, Basking Ridge, NJ

  • Thank you for your wonderful CD. Your voice is rich and soothing and your songs are heart-warming and so upbeat. I'm happy whenever I hear it!

    — Helen Goodman, Doylestown, PA

  • When I put on Small Inspirations while working on a stressful project, the spirit of the songs raised my spirits and decreased my stress. Thanks for singing me through a tough spot!

    — B. Pierson, Far Hills, NJ