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Michelle J. Gonzalez

Michelle J. Gonzalez image

Artist • Composer • Lyricist

Artist • Composer • Lyricist

Michelle is like a prism with each refracted ray of light beaming one of her colorful skills. She was raised in the zesty city of Miami, Florida and began her artistic training at the age of 3 with the violin. She later went on to receive formal lessons for piano and voice, and began performing with an Opera Company at the age of 14. She graduated magna cum laude in all three college degrees from Associates to Masters with her studies in Music/Music Education, Theater Arts & Music Business, and Music Vocal Performance respectively.

An agile athlete, intuitive artist, canny businesswoman, and intrinsically balanced left-brain/right-brain problem-solving producer, Michelle has worked side-by-side with Academy Award Winner Tony Adler (American Beauty), director of photography Jon Philion (The Avengers 2010, True Blood, Fast & Furious), and the iconic Robert Rodriguez amongst many others. Michelle’s passion for movie-making has taken her through numerous years of work in multiple departments from stunts and acting (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Fate of the Furious, among others), to post-production, soundtracks, ADR, and financing.

Currently residing in sunny California, Michelle’s career continues to blossom in the field of music and film entertainment. Her compositions and voice (and violin playing) can be heard on shows including NCIS, the award-winning short “Sam’s Box”, the short film “Sumtin’ Like Dat”, The Dictator, Castle, PBS David Longoria Special, numerous Telemundo’s soap operas, and most recently on Jane The Virgin. She has also had the honor of working at Del Oro Studios as a studio musician for vocals and violin on various artists’ albums, and is ever so grateful to be a “working musician.”

Using her platform of the entertainment industries, she works to champion peace, diversity, and equality. Her aptitude to understand human emotions and relationships gives her a wide spectrum to play in and connect with people everywhere. 


Audience and Press Reviews

  • Michelle is very gifted! She performed in my TV Special for PBS and was one of the shining stars in a stage full of world-class performers. She brings her talents and lovely personality along with her outstanding drive and work ethic. These new compositions are just the tip of the iceberg as to what is yet to come.

    — David Longoria, Studio City, CA, Award-winning International Jazz Trumpet Player & Music Producer

  • She is constantly working on her craft so you can be sure to be pleasantly surprised by the gifts she brings to her work. She brings something so modern to her songs, but you can still hear the roots of her classical training in these musical arrangements.

    — Dominique Tuñez, Miami, FL, Virtuoso E. Productions

  • The first time she played me these songs, they were immediately engrained in my mind - such beautiful melodies! I kept singing them to myself all day long.

    — Erick Bolivar, Los Angeles, CA