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Zack Danziger

Zack Danziger image

Artist • Recording Artist

Artist • Recording Artist

Zack Danziger has been playing music since childhood. His early influences include classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues, and hymns. He earned his Masters Degree in Jazz Performance at City University of New York, Queens College. He taught public school music for 18 years.

Zack is pursuing his freelance career of performing, composing, recording, and teaching privately. He is a soloist and or accompanist at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Northampton MA. He performs regularly at many venues and events for a wide spectrum of audiences, playing music old and new. His debut CD, entitled “Sun Is All We Need” is getting radio play in many countries. He is currently working on his CD of music for children. He composes music for animations and commercial soundtracks.

He has performed and/or recorded with such notables as Heather French (Miss America), Charles Neville, Samirah Evans, Jeff Holmes, Karrin Allyson, Joel Martin, Miro Sprague, Paul Lieberman, Annie Patterson, Mary Witt, and Katelyn Richards, among others. He performs regularly with many bands including: Tin Pan Valley, Dixieland Stomp, Jazz Bones, Phun Stuph, and more.

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Audience and Press Reviews

  • "The Heavens Declare Thy Glory" I was blown away by the quietness and contemplative nature of this hymn's interpretation. Knowing the words to this him I sang along mentally, but dwelt on the meaning of each phrase, the pauses lending themselves to a deeper understanding of the hymn. It is beautiful and quiet and grand in its simple yet elegant instrumental voice. It is like an old classical Spanish guitar's sound of weathered and timeless beauty."

    — Ed Tonkin, Fairview PA

  • "I Am the Lord" Wonderful piece. Love the way he plays with the theme in unique and beautiful ways. Not only sang along in my mind, but was reminded of a quiet Sunday afternoon in an art museum viewing the Spanish Masters. Picasso's Guernica came to mind, this piece, this hymn of comfort being an antidote to that vast horror. This is the still same voice of comfort coming through the human made carnage. There is a quiet and reserved majesty that appears over and over in this work."

    — Ed Tonkin, Fairview PA

  • "Zack’s interpretations of Christian Science hymns are thoughtful and enchanting. Variations in cadence and volume, and improvisational fills offer a fresh, fun and surprising perspective. When I listen to these hymns, I feel lighter in the limbs and a smoothness in my breath. His work is original and boldly crafted. Just delightful!"

    — Elizabeth Maxwell, Fairview, NC

  • "As a church musician for the past 38 years, I look for freshness and originality in new recordings. i was not disappointed! Zack has proven his interesting artistry with clarity and skill.....something that is often missing. Not in his case! Well done!" "Hymn 329, this was fresh, original, and yet, true to the familiar and loved melody. a difficult task to accomplish....and yet Zack accomplished it with excellence and artistry!"

    — Eric Horner, Winter Park, FL

  • "Lovely, melodic, reminiscent of Spanish guitar music, love the way the hymn moves in and out of waterfall of music on the strings of the guitar - play this in the background of anything you must do and the work will come more easily, leaving you with a feeling of pure peace."

    — Donna Castaner, Millbrook, NY