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Professional Classes For The Dedicated Musician

Classes via Online Video Conferencing

Students Attend from Nevada, New York, California, Romania, Boston ...

Study with Master Teacher Peter Link (WFM CEO and Creative Director) Read about Peter on Wikipedia.

Tuition Grants for WMU Now Available Through the Albert Baker Fund

“I have learned a tremendous amount from Peter about composition and recording. And with this knowledge, along with his support, I was able to set up my own studio all by myself!” ~Rebecca Minor, Soloist, The Mother Church, Boston, MA

Classes Available


Learn to write a hit song, a story song, songs for the theater, sacred songs, rap songs, and songs in any genre. Direction in title search, conceptualization, various song forms, chord progressions, melody expression, lyric writing. Taught by award-winning, platinum-selling songwriter.

This Business of Music

Learn about ASCAP and BMI, mechanical rights – Harry Fox, writer’s royalties, publishing splits, copyrighting, promoting your work, marketing your product, the value of mastering, how to run your own successful business when a record deal seems impossible, how to make a living in this day’s music world.

Lyric Writing

Learn proper rhyming, scanning, song form, conceptualization, title search, color words, story telling, all the skills of the masters. Taught by Pop, Inspirational and Broadway award-winning lyricist.

Logic Studio Pro

This is the world’s #1 software program for computer based music recording. Learn how to use this virtual recording studio to create your own masters at home. Taught by Logic user and teacher with 15 years experience.

Midi Rhythm Section Arranging

This is often the most difficult skill to master for music arrangers and orchestrators. Learn the 5 parts of the sonic spectrum, how to make your rhythm section cook, how to set up a proper drum and bass groove, how to arrange and program guitar and keyboards into effective, yet simple grooves, how to make your band tight. Taught by pro arrangers from all genres.


Study with industry professionals to learn a solid vocal technique, to build your voice into a strong instrument, and learn to maintain good vocal health. The goal is to help each student to gain a proficient technique in order to sing freely and expressively. As this is achieved, classes in Vocal Performance can take the student to the next level.

Vocal Performance

Not just “how to sing’, but rather, ‘how to act the song” – Meisner Technique. Just having a pretty voice is just not enough. What separates the stars from the wannabes is the ability to get inside a lyric and act the song. Find the performer within you. Taught by stage director, vocal coach and record producer with 30 years experience..

Music Recording Production

Essentially, “how to produce your own music in your own home studio”– a skill more necessary than ever in this evolving world of home studio recordings. Taught by a producer/engineer with over 50 albums to his credit. 

Build Your Own Studio

A Full Year Group Project Course – Guidance and mentorship in all aspects of creating your own home, church or business Apple Logic recording studio.  Fund raising, space development and acoustics, software and hardware purchase guidance, learning engineering skills, basic business set up, facility maintenance, promotion and how to draw outside client interest and attain financial solvency.

Studio Background Singing

Learn number system of instant sight-reading, ear training, the art of blending, pitch and vibrato control -- professional techniques that make this such a specialized skill. Taught by one of New York’s top studio singers and teacher at Berklee College of Music. Boston, MA.

The Art of the Audition

Having trouble nailing those jobs down? Learn the art of auditioning from a seasoned teacher who has taught the auditioning classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in NYC for the past 30 years. The trick is not necessarily in how you sing or act, but how you manage the entire auditioning experience. Learn specifically why.

Build Your Own Course

Most schools require that you study what they want to teach -- but this course teaches you what you need to know.  Work with Peter Link to design and plan a curriculum from course offerings tailored to meet your specific needs.

“Peter Link is your go-to person. Trust me, I've sought his advice on practically every subject WMU is offering and never went away disappointed.”~ Carol Jay, Watchfire Music Composer

These classes are private classes – one on one with the teacher, but a few may evolve into group study though kept small and personal.

Study with Watchfire Music University (WMU) and we’ll meet with you through!

Most classes can be scheduled to fit your busy schedule. Once scheduled, regularity is required.

Curriculum is creatively flexible to meet your particular needs. Classes are private and affordable.

Find out about Class tuition

Class would be every two weeks. Each class runs an hour to 90 minutes depending on the subject, $90 per class.

If you qualify for ABF Funding, that covers half the tuition of each class, so each class would then cost you $45.

Payments are made within 24 hours of each class.

Now Help Fund Your WMU Classes Through The Albert Baker Fund!

Watchfire Music University’s online courses, under the tutelage of master teacher, Peter Link, can now apply to have tuitions supplemented through a Grant provided by The Albert Baker Fund under their ABF Music Vocational Training Program. This grant, if you qualify, could pay half the tuition of a year’s online private classes for those interested and in need of financial support.

Interested? Follow these easy steps:
1. Contact Peter Link to set up an interview
2. Learn more and apply
3. Become accepted 
4. If you qualify, then apply for ABF Grant
5. Begin online classes


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"Peter Link ... is able to impart to his student a grasp of music fundamentals, technical and inspirational, from the perspectives of composer, lyricist, performer, audience, producer, teacher, and coach. It's a complete training package."~Steep Weiss, Church Soloist and Music Committee Chair