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Judy McLane
Peter Link
Peter Link
Ragan Courtney

This is the second song from Rosemary And Thyme #8 - Exodus.


Music by Peter Link
Words by Peter Link and Ragan Courtney

And suddenly, by the grace of God, there it was — a ramshackle remnant of a house, fightin’ for its life against the fury a’ the storm. A screen door bangin’ away was calling out ta’ me. All I could think was, “ta’ hell with the barn. I jus’ gotta make it to that house.” The air was full of trash an’ junk an’ things that should not be flyin’ around …

Well I did not know a chicken could fly
But as I stood upon the porch
And turned
I watched as she was lifted off the ground
And swept across the yard on her way to the sky
And as she passed she looked me in the eye
As if to say,
“Well, I have wings, don’t I?”

Well I did not know a goat could fly
Or a mailbox from down the road
Spewing all its packages around
Meant for Mr. Morgan Abernathy
Elk Creek Road, Oklahoma
Who lived in the house on the hill
With the porch I stood upon
An’ hollered “Please open the door
To no avail

I did not know that cows could fly
I did not know a roof could fly
Nor did I know that I could fly
Until she took me in her arms
And whispered,
“It was you I wanted
Ooooh all along.”

Hurricanes have names
But tornadoes are much too many
To remember
Unless, of course, you’re in it.
Unless, of course, her name …
Was Christine

Christine she comes
Christine she comes

Christine she comes
She beckons me
She longs to have her way with me
She sweeps me up
I’m impotent
Like falling from tall buildings in a dream

Christine she comes
I have no say
She means to carry me away
A lover’s smile
Without a heart
She’ll scream and tear my world apart
To satisfy her hunger

Christine she comes
She howls. She moans.
With yellow winds
And shrieking bones
She satiates her every need
And still she comes
She comes,

And there she stands
And there she flies
And there she screams
And there she cries
She tears her hair
And rolls her eyes
And rips the heavens from the skies
And still she comes

She rages on
A ravenous queen
She swallows me
Christine Christine
I’m falling through her tempest
In a dream

I have no perception of where I’m bound
But only long to have my feet back on the ground
And oh the sound
The song she sings
As she carries me across the night
In the throes of in her mad delight


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