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Chasing Light

Rebecca Minor  •  Album


“Have you ever craved forward movement? Tried to break through a wall towards love and acceptance? Gotten hurt and built your own walls in reaction? Looked back at your life and realized you had lost your confidence? How about that day you woke up and decided it was time to find the spark in your life again?

That, my friends, is what Chasing Light is all about. Tracks 1-4 are songs I wrote several years ago, all from a place of yearning and searching for the life I desired. Track 5 was written right before completion of the album, and marks a turning point in my personal journey, mirrored musically. Many of us are in the pursuit of finding and living our unique expression. For me, Chasing Light is the score for the story of my pursuit.” ~Rebecca Minor

Chasing Light is a rich, musical autobiography; a glimpse into the shadowed valleys and glittering peaks of one woman’s journey towards self discovery and living the life she knows she’s meant to. You’ll hear both piano driven and guitar driven tunes that will get your toes tapping and your heart melting.


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