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King Of Hearts

Peter Link

Digital Download: $14.95
Bob Gunton
Don Scardino
Gordon Weiss
Marilyn D'Honau
Michael McCarty
Millicent Martin
Mitzi Hamilton
Pamela Blair
Peter Link
Peter Link
Jacob Brackman
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Book by Steve Tesich
Album Duration:

"King of Hearts is a musical version of the wildly popular movie [directed] by Philippe de Broca and, unless I miss my guess, de Broca's Gallic whimsey is going to dazzle everyone in sight all over again. Deep in the center of King of Hearts, there is something rare and pretty magical. The score by Peter Link, with lyrics by Jacob Brackman, is rich and full and just plain gorgeous, a marvel in its reach, in its moods, in its borrowed Gallic vitality and in its World War I razzmatazz."

Notes from Peter Link on King of Hearts:

"KING OF HEARTS has always been more than just another musical for me. Since I first saw the film some years ago it has been more of an obsession. When the movie was over, I sat dumbfounded in the theatre in awe of the story and the incredible possibilities it held for a new musical.

The evolution of KING OF HEARTS has included many productions. Each one has been somewhat different in its own way but each one has always had at its center one major similarity -- love.

There are several basic themes that run through the play: anti- war, the family against the world, and the insanity of war. To me, it is simply a play about the innocence of love -- something beyond what we necessarily achieve in our every day life. It speaks of the joy of living in a simple time far removed from the craziness of the outside world."

Alan Klein of The New York Times says: King of Hearts is about the need for love, frivolity and grandeur. Simplicity and intimacy are recaptured with affection, authenticity and focus. The musical is pure romantic escape – into fantasy and into the fantastic…a celebratory rite of love’s redemptive power. Mr. Link’s music is a fusion of classical chorales, down-home American country style, French music hall and Viennese waltzes… Whatever may sound derivative dissolves into the ephemera of real charm and enchantment."

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