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Outside the Box

Kate Gibson Oswald

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Kate Gibson Oswald
Kate Gibson Oswald
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Outside The Box

Lyrics and Music – Kate Gibson Oswald
Copyright 2004

Dad tell me a story from the years long gone by,
When the stars seemed glued to the roof of the sky,
When Columbus sailed, and the world was still flat,
And anything else as strange as all that!

He tied back his curls of dark hair with a band,
And he smiled at me gently as we walked on the sand.
As we talked he said softly, gazing up at the skies
“I’ll tell you a story to open your eyes”

“Before men could fly to the moon or Tibet,
They walked, or they rode, or they swam and got wet.
But soon they were sailing and exploring the shores,
And Columbus knew that there had to be more.
He’d heard some wild stories about the world as a ball,
The thought was so crazy, made no sense at all.
With your eyes you can see the world’s certainly flat,
It goes straight ahead, and it ends, just like that!

Not many years earlier a man had been tried.
The charges were blasphemy, because he had lied.
He lied that the earth was not center of all,
That the sun was our leader and we follow its pull!
Well the church leaders hollered, the king made a roar,
Galileo repented- and said nothing more.
If you look with your eyes you can certainly see,
It’s the sun that is moving! The Earth’s stationary!
It‘s the sun going round us, the earth’s still as can be!

But Columbus wanted glory and gold and all that.
So he hired some sailors and pulled out his map.
He intended to sail past the edge of the map!
His men were all frightened and many turned back.

He trusted his instinct, sailing day after day.
The end never happened and history was made
Today we all laugh at a tabletop world,
But with bold Chris Columbus the truth was unfurled!”

We stared for a moment at the crystalline sky,
And I pondered the thought that my eyes could just lie!
If you can’t trust your eyes then what do you do?
Dad said you look deeper for here lies the truth.

“Take Einstein for instance, he searched for a way,
To unify everything, time space everyday!
Truth showed him that both time and space can be bent,
But he only just started, there was more coming yet!

“Like quantum mechanics, black holes, wormhole parks,
Quasars and pulsars and sub-atomic quarks.
New ideas grow slowly, then are born in due time,
Soon they seem natural, and we accept them as fine”.

”In life’s tough arena Truth wins in the end.
With it error can’t triumph or survive as a trend.
History has shown us when the time is just right,
Ideas spring forward with purpose and might.
Good ideas have power, they shine with Truth’s light!”

“Every great thinker works outside the box,
They trust their own instinct and create their own clocks,
They never accept what the five senses see,
But are open to every great pos-si-bil-ity
Looking for answers, and a new way to see….”

Now when I looked at my Dad, I saw a new man,
His wisdom seemed timeless, his ideas grand.
Peace marked his manner and grace shaped his words,
And I loved him so dearly as he spoke his wise words!

Now it has been many years since that night with my Dad.
My children are growing into every new fad,
As we sit by the fire and gaze up at the skies,
I will tell them Dad’s story, share his old story,
Of the thinkers who searched and found Truth in their lives!
Of the thinkers before us, that pried open our eyes!

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