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In Silence

Peter Link  •  Song


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In Silence

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

When one you love disappears
Like smoke they blow away
The heartbeat rings in your ears
In silence
In silence

You lose your place with it all
And life goes hollow
You turn your face to the wall
In silence
In silence

But I am here for you
I will see you through

And if you weep then I will weep with you
And if you mourn then I will mourn with you
And if you die then I will live for you
In silence
In silence


The bells they toll on the wind
They sing of sadness
The mending soul must begin
In silence
Begin in silence

And as you bear your pain
Your loss will be your gain

But if you brood then I will brood with you
And if you grieve then I will grieve with you
And if you break then I’ll be there for you
In silence
In silence

We will weep
In silence
We will mourn
In silence
We’ll remember in silence

We will heal
In silence
We will mend
In silence
We’ll go on in silence

We will love
In silence
We endure
In silence
And we carry on…

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