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April Brahinsky  •  Song


Happy song that emphasizes that the transforming power of Spirit is as near as thought. Lots of notes and words for singer, some chromaticism.

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Text and music by April Brahinsky

As minor turns to major by the changing of one tone,
As darkness disappears where a beam of light is shone,
So from mortal selfhood we can turn to God alone
And see discord yield to peace when one clear thought from Mind is known.
Hatred, envy, anger before Truth and Love dissolve.
There is no kind of problem that Soul cannot resolve.
As our thoughts from limitation into liberty evolve,
We see that all creation around Spirit does revolve.
Inspiration comes as naturally to us
As a bird takes to flight or a flower turns toward light.
Reformation comes as we keep our thoughts aligned
With the Truth as it appears and erases all our fears.
Transformation comes as we lay aside the weights
Of earth-bound, mortal thinking, and we find that we are seeing
Confirmation of the perfection of creation —
We rejoice in healing
And the growing understanding
Of our inclusion in the oneness and completeness of God’s all-being.

Copyright 2013

Copyright 2013

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