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When I Was Five

Branice McKenzie  •  Song


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words and music by branice mckenzie
verse 1
It’s love that brings me to the place
I always want to be
It’s love that holds me in a place as deep as any sea

It’s love that never judges me on any front at all
And love that captures all the goodness Even when I fall

So I’m stayin’ alive
With no packs on my back
It’s a new kind of world I’ve created
And whatever is simple
Is easy for me
’Cause I’m stayin’ alive
Just like when I was five

Verse 2
The teaching tells me all I need is faith and trust in love
To use it and remember, make it all that I think of

Whenever there are challenges
remind yourself of this
It doesn’t matter big or small
It’s love that is the fix

Even when I feel like it’s over
Even when I feel like I’ve gone
As far as I can go

© eunice music 2009 02.21.09 11:05 pm &
02.25.09 2:36 am

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