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Be Still My Heart

John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A song with words by a former Christian Science teacher. Quite intense with chromatic harmonies and high range, but ending with a sense of assurance. Helpful for memorial services or in time of trouble.

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Be Still My Heart
Lyrics by Harold Rogers

Be still, my heart, you rest in Love divine.
God’s gracious touch has silenced grief and pain.
His timeless Christ has ordered no decline.
In changeless being shall your health remain.
Be still, my heart, you faithful only friend
Secures a joyful voyage without end.

Be still, my heart; of present glories sing
Instead of mourning for a troubled past.
Replace sad tunes with melodies that ring
Of God’s rich mercy and of blessings vast.
Be still, my heart, the winds and waves recede
When to His angel voices you give heed.

Be still, my heart, our Father casts out fears;
assuring you of God and man at one;
And in that oneness here and now appears
His everlasting Life, with death outdone.
Be still, my heart; no lies, no tears, no curse
Can mar the rhythm of His universe.

Words by Harold Rogers; used by permission of the copyright owner