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Christ Comes Again With Holy Power

Ann Stephan  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A new and inspiring setting of hymn 34, breathing life into the beloved text: “In Truth there is no pain or death, Nor any shades of coming night”. Delicate arpeggios unfold in the piano accompaniment to support the voice at the beginning of the solo, leading to the dramatic conclusion: “at eventide, there shall be light.”

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Christ Comes Again With Holy Power
Lyrics by Marion Susan Campbell
Music by Ann Stephan

Christ comes again with holy power,
To lift our blinded eyes to see;
The sick are healed, the sinner blest,
As on that eve in Galilee.

Once more the lonely heart is fed.
Who dwells with Love hath perfect ease,
Faith, hope, and joy are with us all;
Great are companions such as these.

The weak and thirsty are refreshed,
Again each empty cup is filled;
The tender Christ is here to bless,
And all the storms of earth are stilled.

In Truth there is no pain or death
Nor any shades of coming night;
The promise of our God still stands:
At eventide it shall be light.