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Close Upon The Hour

Peter Link  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Close Upon The Hour is one of the truly memorable songs from the Broadway musical, King Of Hearts. With music by Peter Link and lyrics by Jacob Brackman, it is an eleventh hour inspirational climax to the story and is one of the most popular audition pieces in the theater. With an unforgettable melody, it soars. Music by Peter Link. Arrangement by Peter Link and Michael O’Flaherty. Lyrics by Jacob Brackman. Keyboard/Voc. Printing by James Stenborg.

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Close Upon The Hour
Lyrics by Jacob Brackman
Music by Peter Link

Up till now my time of trial seemed far away
I barely even thought about it
Up till now content to dream my life away
Like Sunday afternoon
Suddenly it’s happening
Forces are converging
I realize the urgency before me

All at once I feel my power gathering
I’m close upon the hour now
I’m close
So close
So strong

Up till now, the flames of love burned far away
I barely even saw em flicker
All at once, my veins have turned to fire clay
There’s fever in my blood

Suddenly it’s happening
Yes the air’s become electric
The moment when I least expected it
And all at once I feel as if I’m seeing
From inside another human being
So close
So strong
Yes it near to overpowers me
So strong
I never dreamed
My time was at hand
I’m only a man
Lord, help me do what is right
Now all at once I’m open to whatever comes
I’m standing on the threshold now
I’m close
So close
So strong
I’m close upon the hour now
I’m close close

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