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Don’t Send The People Away

Rebecca Minor  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


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This is a sweet retelling of the loaves and fishes parable, told from the perspective of one who “witnessed in awe”. A timeless message that reminds us we are never sent away without God’s blessings.

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Don’t Send the People Away
Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Minor

What a day full of healing
The lame leapt, the blind saw
Jesus beheld with compassion
Each of us there who witnessed in awe

Then the dusk descended and cooled the air
He wanted to feed us who followed him there
The twelve said Master this vast multitude
Cannot be fed with such limited food

Despite their disquiet they heard Jesus say
Don’t send the people away
Don’t send the people away

I was just a child and yet
What happened I’ll never forget

There were five thousand mouths to feed
With two fish and some bread
Rather than scoff at the meager loaf
Jesus broke it and blessed it instead

Then the baskets traveled from hand to hand
An unlikely feast in that desolate land
When all were filled there was more that remained
And stories were told of how we were sustained

And God’s love inspired the courage to say
Don’t send the people away
Don’t send the people away

Don’t send the people
God cares for his people
Don’t send the people away

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