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G. O'Connor-Morris  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by G. O’Connor-Morris. Lyrics by Edgar Newgass.

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Music by G. O’Connor-Morris
Lyrics by Edgar Newgass

All loving Spirit, now we see True being is at one with Thee,
And in the gladness of rebirth We shed the sorry things of earth,
Surrender want and human will To find Thy fulness with us still,
And trace, in reverence and praise,
The pattern of Thy perfect ways.
Let health and holiness fulful
The happy purpose of Thy will by which we live,
secure and free,
The children of reality.
Our hearts in harmony rehearse the grandeur of Thy universe,
That knows not failure or defeat,
But stands forevermore complete.

Copyright 1935 Carl Fischer, Inc.

Copyright 1935 Carl Fischer, Inc.