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Give It Away

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Contemporary solo with jazz harmonies and a strong motif that emphasizes the universal availability of love and the need to share it. Moderately challenging accompaniment.

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Give It Away
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Ragsdale
Arranged by Michael Butkus-Bomier

Verse 1
Love, divine Love, is yours to claim.
It flows to me and you and all,
Can’t be contained.
Seeking the soul of humanity,
Love shapes its gentle grace
To meet each need.
A steadfast stream is ever at hand.
Love refreshes the weary heart
With just one command.

Verse 2
All of Love is yours by reflection.
You and I express no less
Than its present perfection.
What a treasure our inheritance.
No detail of Love’s design
Is drawn by chance.
Good cannot be spent nor divided.
The whole of it for all mankind
Is ever provided.

When you see a favored daughter or son,
While some are shunned.
When you face the face of despair,
And no one seems to care.

Verse 3
Look beyond the limits of doubt
To witness Father-Mother love
Here and now.
Lay aside the urge to strive.
Love’s tender touch is enough
To make you thrive.
Include the world in your wide embrace.
More and more of love you’ll hold
If you give it away.
Give it away.

© 2017 Elizabeth Ragsdale