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If We Love One Another

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


We are the Sowers and Love is the Seed: This lovely poem uses the metaphor of the tree, the seeds, the fruit for the good works we must do to demonstrate the Golden Rule: by sowing seeds of Love we can heal the world. Well written, in folk-style, it lends itself to guitar accompaniment and has a beautiful melody and message. Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal. Copyright 2008.

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If We Love One Another
Music and Lyrics by C. Kardinal

In the midst of our garden grows a very special tree.
It’s leaves are for the healing of all humanity.
It’s blossoms are the rainbow of God’s variety.
It draws its strength from goodness and charity.

If we love one another and there’ll be peace to men on earth.
We reap a thousand blessing when we see another’s worth.
Let us bend to lift a child. Let us help the stranger in need.
We are the sowers, and love is the seed.

In the soil of trust and meekness grows our precious tree.
That overcomes the hatred that would blight humanity.
Let kindness heal oppression. Let grace heal bigotry,
Let us heal the nations with the fruit of our tree.

We each have a garden in our own secret place.
It’s where we meet our saviour, and learn his love and grace.

When we share the richness of the fruit of our tree.
We’ll destroy the weeds of fear and doubt and hypocrisy.
When the harvest is gathered and we look beyond our own,
We’ll see an orchard growing from the seeds we have sown.


Copyright 2008 C. Kardinal

Copyright 2008 C. Kardinal