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Rabboni! Rabboni!

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a dramatic solo based on the account of Mary’s discovery of the empty sepulcher in the Book of John. The chorus will rock the rafters! Powerful and meaningful lyrics make this a wonderful Easter piece. Medium vocal difficulty, fairly easy accompaniment, lots of dynamic nuances make this a perfect solo for the dramatic soprano. Range is just over an octave.

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Rabboni! Rabboni!

Words & Music By Carolyn Kardinal

Where have they taken His body? Where has my Lord been laid?
Who could have been here before me and rolled the stone away?
Perhaps this gardener knows something of what they have done with my Lord?
He seems to recognize me, but have I seen him before?
He looks so familiar. What deception could this be?
I saw Him crucified…. But look at this man’s His hands and feet!
Master is it you? Master? Rabboni!
This body is the temple you said that you could raise!
This is the temple you have rebuilt in only three days!
O Light of the world , now we understand
What God sent You to teach unto mortal man!

(Chorus) Rabboni! Rabboni!
You have saved humanity with this final victory.
You have proved there is no death!
Rabboni! Rabboni!
Your humble sacrifice showed the way to eternal Life.
There is no death!

Master, You brought the Light to our misty, benighted land,
And lifted away the curse from poor mortal man.
The stone of mortality has been rolled away
From humanity’s hollow sepulcher. Yes, You have shown the Way.
We no longer need to be buried in tombs of suffering and pain,
When The Son of God was given to prove that God’s law reigns.
The Master’s Resurrection blessed all humanity
Sing praise and hosanna! Now all men can be free!

(Chorus) Rabboni!