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Sweet, Bittersweet

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Outlines experience of reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: initial wonder of healing, need to dig deeper, promised growth.

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Sweet, Bittersweet
Lyrics by Elizabeth Ragsdale
Music by Enrique Granados
Arrangement by Michael Butkus-Bomier and Elizabeth Ragsdale

I hungered for truth that the world cannot give.
Bowed my head and asked to be fed.

A friend placed a book on my table and said,
Here’s the Science of Christ. Come and dine.
Read ev’ry page, line upon line.
Eat of this truth. In your mouth it is sweet.

I savor the taste of the words on my tongue.
Their meaning revealed to me day after day.
Earthborn burdens fall fast away.
I eat of this truth. In my mouth it is sweet.

Now it is time to look deeper within.
What baneful beliefs have I absorbed?
What laws of Love have I ignored?
I eat of the truth bittersweet.

When the book on my table becomes most bitter,
I’m asked to practice and prove what I know.
Blessed by fresh lessons demanding I grow,
I eat of the truth bittersweet.