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The Coming by G. Mantle-Childe

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The Coming
Lyrics by: Rosa M. Turner
Music by: G. Mantle-Childe

Christ comes as softly as the Springtime’s dawning,
Unfolding tender joys from day to day;
Christ comes as surely as the light of morning Rolls the dark curtain of the night away.

Christ comes as softly,
Comes as surely stealing,
And with clear light luminess all the earth,
New hope,
New joy, new happiness revealing, new loveliness to radiant birth.
New hope, new happiness revealing, Bringing new loveliness to radiant birth.

Coming as silently as the beams of morning, certain, resistless as the non’s clear ray;
None can withstand His pow’r,
Nor stay His coming,
Naught can turn back the dawning of the day.