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New Release | “I Run to the Rock”

JUST RELEASED I Run To The Rock    Lyrics by Steve Okwor Music by Steve Okwor, Peter Link & Jenny Burton Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link Now Available for download or on CD   A Short History… A gifted Watchfire Music University student brings an inspired lyric and a haunting melody to his teacher. […]

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In These Challenging Times…

In these challenging times we are ever so grateful (For we have at our fingertips)Weapons of mass construction…Inspirational Music “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God …” New Album Alert: Fear Thou Not   Sacred Songs Sung By Some Of London’s Finest Twenty Bible-based songs for healing! Recorded […]

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Is Anybody Listening? The CD–Cast Album

Just Released! The answers to all these questions and more! The raising of consciousness… The healing of a nation… The betterment of mankind… Now Available! Click here to listen, download, order the CD and the singles! The Critics speak: “It’s a bone-chilling soul-searching arousal of humanity and its ability to survive and thrive. EVERYBODY should […]

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Bobby Stanton: “Harpstrings”


Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, April 17 – 23, 2017

“Harpstrings” from “Shepherd”

Instrumental performed by Bobby Stanton
Arrangement by Bobby Stanton and Peter Link
Produced by Peter Link

Bobby Stanton is a world class guitarist whose career spans many styles of music. With Watchfire Music he has created one of our most popular Inspirational CDs.

You may have heard him featured on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion or playing in one of several Broadway musicals. You may have also caught his magical fingers strumming with the likes of Mark O’Connor, James Taylor, Richie Havens, Noel Redding, Bo Diddley, Susan Tedeschi, Maureen Mcgovern, Donny Osmond, The Platters, Fabian, Charlie Daniels, only to name a few. In his spare time (what spare time could he possibly have?) he shares his talent and technique as a teacher of guitar at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he was awarded the first ever “Ovation” Award.

“I just finished listening to the Shepherd CD by Bobby Stanton. Totally inspiring! Different! Spiritually uplifting! Beautiful orchestrations! Superb sound! What more can I say – I love all the arrangements!” – Marion Miller

“Bob Stanton shows you how the arpeggios of these uncomplicated structures can be “summed” together with each other to create more complex melodic effects, including altered sounds. It’s a great addition to your playing” -Guitar Player Magazine

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Deborah Offenhauser: “Butterflies”


Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, March 13 – March 19, 2017 “Butterflies” from Deborah Offenhauser’s CD, Butterflies Instrumental composed and performed by Deborah Offenhauser With three major TV shows having used Deborah’s music, she is wearing her “composer hat” a lot these days. But Deb’s first love is as an artist and performer. Her many […]

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Sara Renner: “Forgive”


Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, October 31 – November 6, 2016 “Forgive” from Performed by Sara Renner Music & Lyrics by Nate Sabin, Sara Renner, Rick Barron Sara Renner has been independently producing top quality music as a solo artist since 2001. With a refreshing blend of Pop, Jazz & Gospel, Sara sets herself apart with […]

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Waves Whisper – Romance in Rio


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Saturday, August 15 – 21, 2016

Waves Whisper and Romance In Rio
Instrumentals performed by
David Gonzalez
Music by David Gonzalez

From the clear skies of Ipanema, to the romantic nights in Rio de Janeiro, David Gonzalez’ Brazilian Breeze takes you on an interesting and refreshing musical journey. Brazilian Breeze is a combination of instrumental sounds that brings out a feeling of joy through innovative melodies, with influences from Bossa Nova and Samba. This wonderful music project has been inspired by some of the best in the highly recognized Brazilian style of music, among others, the incredible and dearly missed Antonio Carlos Jobim.

David Gonzalez was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. David has been a non-stop working musician for over 31 years, inspired by greats such as Jaco Pastorious, Quincy Jones, Antonio Carlos Jobim among others. As a Writer/Producer/Musician, David worked on recording projects ranging from Latin, R&B, Jazz, and Industrial Projects to Jingles, Soundtracks, Voice Overs and Children’s Music.


“Beautiful compositions! The instrumental project I’ve been waiting for and it’s here to open the door to many other great Instrumental- Latino beauties. ‘Brazilian Breeze’… the name tells everything. It captures the passion, beautiful colors and rhythms of my beautiful Brazil.” – Marco Cortes, Marco Bass Guitars, Inc. Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Simon Clark – Prelude in Bb: Spirit


Inspirational Song of the Week Monday – Sunday, August 1 – 7, 2016  [row] [col type=”6″] [col type=”6″] “The music is beautiful and relaxing” –Sarah Swan, Scotland “It is absolutely beautiful!” –Bethan Boyd, England “My office was filled with some amazing melodies and the gorgeous tone of the Steinway grand.” –Ed Bentall, England [/col] [col type=”6″] Prelude […]