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Jenny Burton’s New World

Jenny Burton’s New World

A Great Panacea in Troubled Times

Jenny Burton brings an album that tells a story of hope and renewal. New World is guaranteed to lift your spirits in these troubled times.

“Burton is indeed a musical wonder, with a voice that soars, and could probably knock down power lines”

~Bill Ervolino, The Record

With music and lyrics written by Peter Link, Jenny voices powerful ideas to help us all heal and move forward in this new normal.

“Singing the songs of Peter Link, Burton offers spine-tingling renditions of rousing gospel/rock anthems that are magnificent in scope and structure.”

~John Hoglund, New York Native

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Jenny Burton has had a long and varied career as a superb vocalist working successfully in Dance Music, R&B, Gospel and Inspirational Music. Jenny created with producer/composer Peter Link, The Jenny Burton Experience, an award winning Inspirational group ran for seven years to sold out standing room only audiences at New York City’s “Don’t Tell Mama”. She has a wonderful catalogue of albums on Watchfire Music, including her best-selling album, The Best of Jenny Burton … And now she brings you songs for a New World!

New World

Jenny Burton

Digital Download: $7.95
Jenny Burton
Peter Link
Peter Link
Album Duration:

In the process of developing Scattershot Symphony I've had the opportunity to go back over my catalogue of music created over the years. I rediscovered these four songs performed by Jenny that were so poignant to today's world problems and struggles that they could have been written yesterday. Together they tell the story of turning our struggles around, the hope of tomorrow and finding new light in our lives, having faith in not only God, but rekindling faith in our fellow man and woman, and finally knowing that God ever has his arms around us. Jenny simply knocks it out of the park here song after song. Welcome to a New World!

These certainly are trying times. This old world is in the process of much evolution and we find ourselves daily in the middle of it all. It's a challenge for everyone on one level or another. If you need a pickup, and who doesn’t at times, take a moment out of your life and sit down and listen to these four songs. You won't be sitting for long. We promise they will inspire you to get back up and keep on keepin' on!

~Peter Link

Jenny Burton's Special Thanks
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